Going as a River: Sharing Sangha Resources



Dear Friends on the Path,

Hope all is well with your week and you have moments to continue the practice of connecting to your breath, your step and the present moment.

Here’s a list of sanghas throughout San Diego that you may be interested in connecting with.  Please email the contacts below to get their up-to-date gathering times and locations.  Additionally, more details will be shared regarding the precious seed planted last weekend about a People of Color Sangha meeting regularly in San Diego.  Thank you for holding that intention with us and may favorable conditions support this heartful intention to blossom like a lotus!


We will be in touch again, especially regarding a possible mid-November People of Color Sangha check-in gathering!  Bowing in gratitude for your presence and practice.


In Great Togetherness,

People of Color Mindfulness Community – SD


Enjoy “a day away” and visit Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, our mountain refuge and home, for Days of Mindfulness on Thursdays and Sundays


Join a local Sangha in the Plum Village tradition



Join the Sangha at the Sweetwater Zen Center



San Diego Wake Up House (young adults sangha)



Join the Buddhist E-Newsletter

Email vickig4@aol.com to get added to the list-serv.  A collection of announcements sent out every weekend by Vicki who generously coordinates and sends out a “what’s happening around SD” list of Buddhist related gatherings.


Sister Blanca and Brother Hung shared in their closing words about listening to Dharma talks and organizing our lives in such a way that the healing warmth and light of mindfulness continues to stay alive like a fire.  Even 5 minutes of sitting and breathing and listening to a 15-30 min. segment of these audio and video talks can be so nourishing.


A Dharma talk focused on connecting with our blood and spiritual ancestors by Thich Nhat Hanh  (first 14 minutes)


More audio and video links to Thich Nhat Hanh’s latest Dharma talks



Plum Village Online Monastery



We are trying to find a way to send the mp3 file to the excerpt of the talk shared at our Day of Mindfulness.

We are grateful to all these resources supporting the aspiration to live in a more compassionate way for ourselves, our families, our communities and society. We bow to all our teachers and all the rich spiritual traditions from around the world, transmitting the Ways of Life that sustain peace, harmony, respect, understanding, well-being and joy for all living beings.


Thank you for walking side by side with us on this collective journey and homecoming.


“Siddhartha Gautama, who became Shakyamuni Buddha, was a person of color living in the north of India…In the centuries after his death, the seeds of the Buddhadharma took root in the hearts of many people of color as it migrated to Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, and Vietnam…The dharma is coming full circle. It is coming back to the ears, hearts, and hands of people of color, where it began many centuries and generations ago…”  

–Kamala Masters in the foreword of DHARMA, COLOR and CULTURE: New Voices in Western Buddhism (edited by Hilda G. Baldoquin from Parallax Press)

People of Color Mindfulness Community – SD

Supporting the conditions to offer mindfulness practice to our diverse communities

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